It’s Back! Settlement Week 2023.

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It’s Back! Settlement Week 2023.

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The Summit County Court of Common Pleas conducts some hearings using remote technology.   The court uses Zoom for these connections.  A list of zoom hearing links for each judge is listed below.   Before connecting to the court, you will obtain best results by downloading and installing the Zoom meetings application for your computer, tablet, or phone device.   For phones, you can install the app from the Apple app store (Iphone), or the Google Play store (android).   For desktop or laptop computers, you can download the latest zoom app at

Click here for instructions for remote access to Civil Stalking hearings

Court Zoom links:

The court uses “personal link names” in order to make the zoom meeting ID for each court easy to remember.   When joining a meeting from a phone device, you may need to click on “Join using a personal link name” in order to type in the meeting name.   Direct meeting links as well as the personal link names are listed below.

Judge Name:                                     Zoom Link                                                                           Personal Link Name

Judge Alison Breaux            

Judge Christine Croce             judgecrocecourt

Judge Alison McCarty                  judgemccarty

Judge Kelly McLaughlin        mclaughlincourt

Judge Kathryn Michael                 judgemichael

Judge Tammy O’Brien                       obriencourt

Judge Joy Malek Oldfield                         judgejoy

Judge Susan Baker Ross               judgerosscourt

Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands judgerowlandscourt

Judge Jennifer D. Towell                   judgetowell


Chief Magistrate Kandi O’Connor        kandioconnor

Magistrate Courtroom               cpcourtmagistrate

Mediations (primary)                 cpcourtmediation

Mediations (secondary)             cpcourtmediationvideo

Magistrate criminal arraignments     magarraignments