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Thank you for serving as a juror. A juror is a very important person in our legal system because our justice system is based on the belief that a just and fair result in court comes from having disputes settled by our fellow citizens. Please take a moment to answer the following questions that will help us improve jury services. All responses are voluntary. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

Type of Case

Were you selected to serve as a juror?
If so, what type of case did you hear:
Have you served as a juror on a trial before this term of service?


Did you have timely notice of the date you were to appear for jury service?
Did the summons provide clear instructions and information?
Did you use the phone message or the website to determine if you had to report for jury service each day?
Did you sign up for email and/or text notifications?
Did you find this helpful?
Were parking instructions clearly provided?

Juror Experience

Was the check-in process easy and were you greeted by a staff member?
How would you rate the physical accommodations of jurors in the jury assembly room?
In the jury assembly room was the staff courteous and were you treated with respect?
Was jury service and parking validation explained and easy to understand?

Courtroom Experience

If you were taken to a courtroom, were the Judge and court staff pleasant and did they treat you with respect?
Were you kept informed of delays and trial scheduling?
Was the Court’s jury room clean, comfortable and accommodating?
Upon completion of your jury service did you feel you had a favorable experience?

Secondary Trauma

If you served on a serious case, you may have experienced some temporary symptoms of distress.
Were you provided with information to talk with someone if that occurred to you?
Did you utilize the services offered?

Name (Optional)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
May we use your answers in our publications anonymously?
On behalf of all of the General Division Judges, thank you again for your time and service!
Judge Alison M. BreauxJudge Tammy O’Brien
Judge Christine CroceJudge Joy Malek Oldfield
Judge Alison McCartyJudge Susan Baker Ross
Judge Kelly McLaughlinJudge Mary Margaret Rowlands
Judge Kathryn MichaelJudge Jennifer Towell