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The Summit County Court of Common Pleas, General Division, is a court of general jurisdiction, handling both criminal and civil cases. Ten Judges preside over both types of cases which number more than 1,600 each year.

The Courthouse is located at 209 South High Street in the Downtown Akron district. Entrances to the Courthouse are located on South High Street and Broadway Street.

Please remember that all persons entering the Courthouse are subject to search and must pass through a security checkpoint.  Please leave any knives, metal objects, or mace in your car before entering the courthouse.

Note to those reporting for Jury Duty:

Should you have any trouble accessing the Jury Information contained on this Website, please refer to your Summons and use the telephone numbers listed for Call-in.

Note: there should be a summary (describing the action to be taken by your Group Number) for each summons color.  If you do not see information displayed for your color, please try a different browser or Call (234) 738-4115.  Do not make assumptions based on the lack of a summary under the color of your summons.  The section is constructed using 3rd party software and may not support every browser type.

Job Postings for the General Division