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Mission Statement

The Summit County Common Pleas Mental Health Court is dedicated to providing offenders, who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness which contributed to their involvement in the criminal justice system, with access to treatment and resources necessary to establish accountability, independence and stability, ultimately decreasing their interaction with the criminal justice system and improving overall quality of life.


About HOPE Court

HOPE Court  (Healing, Opportunity, Progress & Empowerment) is the first felony specialized court for individuals who have been diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental health illness in Summit County.  As a certified specialized docket with the Ohio Supreme Court, HOPE Court has the following goals:

  • Improve life stability
  • Reduce criminal recidivism
  • Increase compliance with court orders
  • Reduce hospitalization and incarceration
  • Provide access to services
  • Improve satisfaction with the court process.


This community wide collaborative effort is coordinated among local agencies, treatment providers and the legal community to assist participants with developing a strong mental health recovery plan while learning the skills to be an active and successful person in the community. For more information regarding the HOPE Court Program, please contact Rachel Earich, Program Coordinator, at 330-643-7343 / rearich@cpcourt.summitoh.net


HOPE Court Brochure