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A certified assessor completes evaluations for Court referrals to determine eligibility for the Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (IILC) Program. The evaluations also include treatment recommendations for an appropriate intervention plan, based on eligibility.  Designated Probation Officers complete prior record checks and provide that information to the court.  Referrals for this Program are generally made once the Court finds reason to believe that the individual’s drug/alcohol use and/or mental health issues were a factor leading to their criminal behavior. Eligibility is based on the criteria outlined in the ORC 2951.04.1.

Offenders are granted Intervention in Lieu of Conviction with substance abuse treatment ordered by the Court. The Offenders are referred to treatment agencies in the community, which provide intensive treatment and regular urinalysis testing to monitor drug/alcohol use. The IILC Officer coordinates the referrals, monitors compliance and corresponds with the Court regularly regarding treatment progress. Those who successfully complete this Program are eligible for their case to be dismissed.