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The Adult Probation Department has specialized supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders in conjunction with grant monies, provided by the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, through the Federal Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders Program. Supervision of these offenders is accomplished through frequent contact with the supervising Probation Officer, participation in a Batterer’s Prevention Program or other appropriate counseling and treatment programs, and victim contact by the Probation Officer.

In October 2011, the Department began a new initiative in conjunction with Summit County Common Pleas Court – General Division Judge Paul Gallagher and the Summit County Prosecutor’s Officer to create Summit County’s Domestic Violence Court.  Judge Kathryn Michael is currently presiding over the first felony level Domestic Violence Court in the State of Ohio.

Under this model, the Court screens high-risk offenders for placement in an Intensive Supervision and Treatment Program. One of the Officers attempts to interview all victims at the time of their Grand Jury appearance, using a Domestic Violence Risk Questionnaire. A Risk Tool is then completed on each defendant. These cases are reviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Adult Probation Department, a Victim Advocate, Judge Michael, and consultation with the defendant’s attorney for placement in Domestic Violence Court Supervision.

If chosen for the Court, offenders see Judge Michael on a weekly basis as well as weekly contact with the Probation Officer. As offenders progress through the Program, these meetings become less frequent. The Victim Advocate and the Probation Officers maintain contact with the victim during this period of Supervision.

If you are a victim of domestic violence in need of assistance, please call the Battered Women’s Shelter at 330-374-1111 for immediate help.

For more information about Domestic Violence Intervention Court please click here