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The Adult Probation Department has Officers responsible for processing sealing investigations. The Officers schedule interviews with all sealing applicants and conducts required research before preparing a written report based on the Ohio Revised Code for the Court to consider at the time of the applicant’s formal hearing.

The first step for applicants wishing to apply for Sealing of a record is to complete the necessary paperwork application (Motion to Seal Form) from the Summit County Clerk of Courts.

Once the Motion to Seal application is completed, contact the Summit County Clerk of Courts, 205 S. High Street, Akron, Ohio 44308 (330-643-2282) for further instructions.

The following information summarizes the Summit County Court of Common Pleas sealing process and answers frequently asked questions.


(Sealing of records of convictions, dismissals, not guilty findings, and bail forfeitures)

The following information has been provided to assist you with the sealing application process. Every effort is made to keep this information current and up-to-date; however, keep in mind that changes in legislation may affect the outcome of your sealing request. The laws that are in effect at the time of your sealing application will apply and may supersede any information provided in this document. Although professional public service is offered to assist you in filing an application for sealing of records, employees of the Clerk’s Office and employees of the Probation Department cannot give you legal advice. Our goal is to help you through the process in an impartial way by delivering excellent public service while complying with state legal requirements.